Thank you for deciding on joining our Association.  It is easy to join us, just fill out the Membership Application form and email it to with your choice of payment options.  Click below for the Application form:

LACECA Memebership Application

Make sure you fill out both pages and sign on the second page before you email it to us.  We cannon process your application unless it is filled out, signed and dated.

Upon joining LACECA, help us recruit new members.

Already a member? Refer a new member to LACECA and receive $20 for each new member that joins.  Please make sure that each new member you recruit indicates your name and current email address on their membership application in order for you to receive credit.  You will receive the money after four months.

Contact Information:

It is important that you update us with your current information in order to best communicate with you.  The City of Los Angeles is not authorized to give us your contact information.  Therefore, it is important for you to contact us with your updated information whenever your mailing address, e-mail address and/or phone numbers have changed.  You can email your updated information to

If you have any questions for LACECA, please email us at or call us as (213)237-0609.