LACECA’s Timeline

imagesEstablished in 1971, LACECA has a rich history of helping fellow City and DWP workers.  Below is LACECA’s timeline.


Mar 10, 1971              LACECA was formed. President Pro Tem: Americo Garza; Temporary Secretary: Miguel Alvarez; Bylaws Committee Chairman: Ernie Valdez; Name Committee Chairman: Pete Ortiz; and Membership Committee Chairman: Nemesio Fernandez.

Nov. 19, 1971              The first affirmative action program was presented to the City Council’s Special Committee on Equal Opportunities in an effort to provide for the increased employment of minorities, both in City service and in the workforce, employed by contractors and vendors, assuring that minority entrepreneurs would receive a share of the City’s business.

Aug. 1972                   First Elections (1971-1972)– President: Ernie Valdez; Vice President: Miguel Alvarez; Treasurer: Faustin Gonzales; Recording Secretary: Angie Cardenas and Corresponding Secretary: Bill Nuanes. President wanted to see the formation of a state-wide Civil Service Chicano Association.

1972                            The Civil Service Commission approved the formation of the Advisory Affirmative Action Committee, which was to advise the Personnel Department on the development and implementation of the Affirmative Action Program for the City. It was also formulated to review City policies, procedures and practices which may operate to the disadvantage of minorities and to make recommendations on its findings.

Feb. 1972                    LACECA presented a comprehensive Affirmative Action proposal to Councilman Billy G. Mills, chairman of the Special Committee on Equal Opportunities. The plan provided for an increase in employment of minorities both in City service and in the work force employed by contractors and vendors doing business with the City. It also provided for a larger share of the City’s business by minority entrepreneurs.

March 28, 1973          The City council unanimously approved the Bilingual Skills Compensation Ordinance, which was co-sponsored by LACECA and Councilman Arthur K. Snyder. The basic purpose of the ordinance was to compensate qualified City employees whose certified fluency of a second language is required to better provide services to the community.

June 1973                    The Civil Service Commission adopted the Affirmative Action Program for the City.

Other Accomplishments

  • First minority organization recognized by the City Council Employee Relations Board
  • Aided in the Higher Education incentive Program to support low-income youth in their search for a higher education.
  • Donated to needy children annually for Christmas.
  • Sponsored the Los Angeles Student Design Award Program (1972-     ) for high school students pursuing a career in drafting.
  • Obtained help for the victims of the December 23, 1972 Managua, Nicaragua, earthquake.