LACECA History

LACECA's History

LACECA was established on March 10, 1971 as a non-profit 501c3 organization. Most of its members are Latino City employees, but membership is open to anyone who is interested in supporting the goals and objectives of the organization.

Throughout the years, members of LACECA have worked toward the enactment of public policies that further the growth of Latinos in employment and benefit the community at large. LACECA also attempts to educate the public, elected officials, and community leaders about issues that greatly affect the social and physical welfare of the community. Among its accomplishments are:

  • First minority organization recognized by the City Council Employee Relations Resolution No. 1
  • City’s Bilingual Skills Ordinance 1981
  • City’s Affirmative Action Program
  • Formation of the City’s Advisory Affirmative Action Committee (AAAC)
  • City Council Motion approved for LACECA membership dues to be paid by payroll deductions for City and DWP employees.