Thank you for visiting LACECA’s FAQ’s page. Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions addressed to LACECA.

  • Q. I am not a L.A. City Employee, can I still join LACECA?
    A. Yes. LACECA is open to all who support our mission.
  • Q. How can I obtain more information on applying for LACECA’s Scholarship?
    A. You can read more information on applying for LACECA’s scholarship program here.
  • Q. Even though I am not a member, can I attend a LACECA function or event?
    A. Yes, We encourage participation from all L.A. City Employees & members of our community. Come and experience what we are all about.
  • Q. I would like to volunteer/participate in some of the organizing of LACECA’s functions. How can I get more information?
    A. You can find our available volunteer positions here. If you would like to participate in a different capacity, please contact LACECA at
  • Q. When are member meetings held?
    A. Member meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at .
  • Q. Do you know of any job opportunities that are available?
    A. You can check out our list of job opportunities that we have here.
  • Q. Will I get paid if I help out at an event?
    A. No. LACECA is a non-profit 501-3c organization. Neither the members or the Executive Board receive any monetary compensation for either events and or attending Executive Board Meetings. They serve their respective LACECA duties because of their selfless-service and commitment to the organization and to its members.