Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary - Jackie Zarate-Roberts

Executive Secretary – Jackie Zarate-Roberts

Jacqueline (Jackie) Zarate-Roberts began her City career as a Junior Administrative Assistant (now Management Assistant) in the Personnel Department’s Examining Division in 1984.  She was a recent graduate from USC with a Masters Degree in Public Administration. She quickly promoted to Personnel Analyst and then to Sr. Personnel Analyst. She worked in several different divisions and sections of the Personnel Department for 13 years (some more than once) including: Examining, Classification, Administrative Services, Police & Fire Selection, and Equal Employment Opportunity.

Then she transferred to the Fire Department. For 8 years, she served as the Assistant Director of the Fire Commission’s – Equal Employment Opportunity Office. As such, she was the Sexual Harassment Counselor providing assistance to LAFD employees in addition to serving in an advisory role to management on various workplace issues. She transferred back to the Personnel Department in 2006, and soon promoted to Sr. Personnel Analyst II in the Public Safety Bureau, Background Investigation – Review Unit. She served as the Assistant Chief overseeing the work of the Review Unit’s support and case management staff. In 2010, she moved to the Selection Division in the Examining Section, where she currently works. She manages a Team of Exam Analyst who prepare a wide variety of Civil Service exams.

While Jackie didn’t grow up in Los Angeles area, she came here to go to college, she was so fascinated with all the things that a city like Los Angeles had to offer, so she decided to stay. During the first year that she started working for the City, she looked around for an organization to join that would help round out her experience and bring her in touch with the people around her. She  joined LACECA and was soon appointed Recording Secretary to fill a vacancy on the Executive Board. Since then, Jackie has served as Treasurer, Executive Secretary, chairperson on numerous committees, President for 11 of those years, !st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and is currently serving as Executive Secretary.

Jackie is  honored to have served this organization for over 30 years and is proud of the progress LACECA has made to promote Latino employees, to improve the City’s workplace, and to address issues of concern to the Latino community at large. She is committed  to continue her service through this organization in the coming years and encourages new ideas and involvement of others to help us achieve the goals and objectives of LACECA.